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Research shows that a phone is up to 18 times dirtier than a public toilet. No one wants to admit that their favorite gadget, the one device they can’t live without, could be making them perpetually sick.

“From a health care professional’s perspective, I could carry anything bad into [a] waiting room, which could then be picked up and distributed through the hospital,” said Wes Barnes, co-founder of PhoneSoap.

Throwing your smartphone or tablet away is out of the question, and washing your hands is only half the battle. The only way to stop tiny colonies of bacteria from taking over your life is by keeping your electronics clean 24/7.


Meet the PhoneSoap XL

The PhoneSoap XL is one of the most effective tools in your fight against your germ-ridden smartphone. It uses four UV-C bulbs to kill disease-causing bacteria. The sanitation chamber, which is 9.9 inches deep x 3 inches wide x 8.5 inches high, does this without harmful chemicals, damaging heat or watery liquids. Instead, the compartment relies on UV light to streamline the cleaning process. All it takes is five short minutes to disinfect a handful of compact devices. To cut the time in half, you could clean multiple gadgets at once.

In addition to keeping you safe, the unit is packed with numerous features that can make the whole experience intuitive to your lifestyle. An ultra fast charging port pumps power into your device while it’s being cleansed. Acoustically, you should still be able to hear rings and notifications during disinfection. Bright LED lights located at the front of the machine tell you the status of the process in real-time, so you don’t have to monitor it closely.


Why Do I Need This?

No one likes getting sick, and since you’re always glued to your phone, you have to conveniently sanitize in order to protect your fragile immune system from your perpetual pocket partner. You could wipe down your phone regularly with a wet rag, but there’s something about using liquid-based products on electronics that doesn’t feel quite right. Also, a habitual, three-minute wipe down session can add up to roughly 18 days of meticulous cleaning after a year. Who wants to spend 2.5 weeks on that?

The PhoneSoap XL is a great solution for busy people because it works passively. You could throw your device in before a workout or while doing errands, and it’ll be good to go when you’re back. Best of all, the UV chamber works on other gadgets around your home, such as USB drives, credit cards, car starters and sweaty fitness trackers. The machine would also do well in dorms or offices, where a saturated combination of electronics and people thrive.


Ordering Information

Individuals interested in taking a proactive approach to disinfection can order the device from the company’s Kickstarter page. The early bird special is sold out, but you can still purchase one for $99 (retail value of $119.95). Pledging $316 or more will unlock the top tier, which gets you four units. Color options include black or white. Shipping for the orders from the campaign is scheduled for March 2016. In the meantime, stock up on Clorox disinfecting wipes and wait for your health savior to arrive.

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