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Look, if you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough pairs of shoes. Let’s face it, you need different styles, colors and aesthetics for so many different occasions. And it’s not like shoes come cheap either – good shoes, that is. This is the dilemma of being a shoe lover. Thankfully, David Coelho has launched the best crowdfunding program that I have ever heard of in the history of ever: ShiftWear, a line of e-paper shoes that can change their design and pattern at the drop of a hat through glorious, glorious technology.

Adorned by colored e-paper displays on the sides of these sneakers, ShiftWear shoes can be tweaked and tinkered with using a mobile app to change their look on a whim. You can be fashionable for any occasion with ShiftWear’s game changing shoes. Best of all, the e-paper consumes hardly any power if you’re using static imagery, and there’s both plug-in charging and walk-to-charge tech that will save you the trouble from ever having to plug up your shoes and swap out the batteries in order to look stylish and fly. But with 30 days of battery life, you should be good to go for a while. Oh, they’re also waterproof and machine washable too!

I might’ve buried the lead and true attraction: these dope ass kicks can be yours by pledging just $150. That price tag will get you a pair of ShiftWear L1s, which is the low top model. The price goes up if you want higher top options. They’ve already well surpassed their baseline goal on Indiegogo, making these awesome wearables a pretty assured reality that hopes to ship in Fall 2016. You’re probably already shelling out around $150 for a quality pair of shoes anyway. ShiftWear will allow you to pay that one price and give you endless options on how you wanna style your footwear, including the option to have animations displayed on them.

For someone who gets extremely bored with their clothes quite easily, ShiftWear’s customizable sneakers are a dream come true. Imagine just sitting on the subway and adjusting the look of your shoes by just using a smartphone app. You could go from exercise chic to hipster casual in the span of seconds. Artists and designers from all around the world will be able to contribute designs and animations that users of the app can choose from and pay for to decorate their ShiftWear shoes with. Or better yet, simply use the app to make your own unique designs for free. Whatever you decide to do, ShiftWear will accommodate your vision and style, not matter how often they fluctuate. These shoes were made for changin’ and that’s just what they’ll do.

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