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What’s the best way to travel if you absolutely need to get somewhere fast? For now, the answer is a car or a helicopter.

But soon it could be the majestic TriFan 600.

The small commercial plane is being developed by XTI Aircraft Company, a startup based in Denver, Colorado. So far, the early designs of the vessel look very promising.

Helicopter-Plane Hybrid

The sketches of the robust flier suggest that it functions like a normal plane. To cater to highly populated urban settings, the TriFan 600 will be the first transportation pod to acquire commercial certification for high-speed, long-range Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL). This allows it to launch like a helicopter for easy navigation around tall buildings and monuments. There’s nothing on the ground that can get in the way of the plane.

Furthermore, a traditional runway is not required for takeoff and landing. The versatile plane can function over already existing helipads, making infrastructure investments very minimal and more affordable.


Unmatchable Cruising Speeds

In the air, it’s capable of cruising at 30,000 feet over rough weather conditions. It can reach this height in 11 minutes using three rotational duct fans. The plane is also equipped with high-performance turboshaft engines to power the circular fans. This gives it a range of around 800-1,200 miles and blistering speeds up to 400 mph.

The aircraft seats five passengers and one pilot. The method of transportation can save busy executives time by avoiding the need to land in airports and pass through lengthy clearances. There’s no word yet if the interior can be modified for healthcare establishments that would like to replace the seats with medical equipment.


Crowdfunding to Success

To streamline the development of the aircraft, the company is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign. It’s rare to see a massive product like this being offered for crowdfunding (most projects fit under the consumer goods category, such as smartphone accessories, outdoor gadgets and wearables).

Notably, the project is the first to launch under the recently updated U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rulings that let businesses in the sector raise up to $50 million in seed funding. This gives the brand plenty of opportunities to seek out investors who share the same vision in aerial transportation.

“We view equity crowdfunding as a creative way to involve everyone as true stakeholders working together to pioneer this all new way to fly,” said David Brody, founder and chairman of XTI. “It’s a way to turn all of our supporters into potential stockholders by providing the public a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in early on something truly revolutionary.”

Initially, the group plans to offer the TriFan 600 to businesses and large organizations for $10-12 million.

“This team knows exactly what is required to finance, design, certify and launch a program of this magnitude,” highlighted XTI Vice Chairman Jeffrey Pino, former president and chief executive of Sikorsky Aircraft. “Our current efforts are focused on raising capital, finalizing diligence on our technical solution, and initial discussions with key vendors that will lead to building a prototype.”

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