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If you’re a Canon shooter in the market for a new, professional quality wide angle lens, then look no further because the Canon EF 16-35mm at f/2.8L III USM is here, and it’s your new best friend. Measuring in at 3.5″ x 4.4″ and weighing in at 1.4 lb, this lens is slightly heavier than its predecessor, and slightly larger than a 24-70 f/2.8 II. Its exceptionally high quality makes it worthy of its L series designation, and will leave you drooling over its stunning results – whether you’re a professional or amateur shooter.

This lens has a large, 82mm filter size. You can always avoid the cost of the filter by simply not buying it, but only when the filter is attached is the lens fully weather sealed. So we recommend forking over the extra cash for the filter and ensuring your new lens is completely protected from dust and moisture.

Unfortunately, like most of us full frame shooters have experienced, a normal thickness UV filter can create some unwanted vignetting when shooting at 16mm. The B+W 82mm MRC Slim UV Filter is a great option for full frame cameras to avoid that vignetting, but for those shooting with 1.3x and 1.6x crop bodies, a normal thickness B+W 82mm MRC UV Filter will leave you with even, stunning results.

This lens also features a seven blade diaphragm, rather than the typical eight blade diaphragms that most Canon lenses have sported in the past. The 16-35mm‘s circular diaphragm helps create a nice, creamy background blur that we all love. Plus, the constant 2.8 aperture helps create that bokeh effect.

The Canon’s rear focusing Ring USM is unbelievably fast, silent and accurate. With this lens, you won’t need to hold down the shutter to capture dozens of shots hoping to freeze that perfect moment, because every shot will be sharp and accurate. This accuracy is thanks to Canon using the latest auto focus algorithms.

This is by far Canon’s highest quality wide angle zoom lens ever created. Even when shooting at 16mm at the widest aperture, the pictures come out crisp, with the corners and quality only slightly improved when stopped down to a wider depth of field.

Full frame users should expect to see only a very slight vignetting at the widest focal length, but the colors, contrast and quality make up for those darkened corners. Even camera flare, while not completely absent, is very nicely controlled for a lens as wide as this one.

A slight barrel distortion appears mostly at the widest focal length, but essentially disappears between 20mm and 30mm. The lens also has a Minimum Focal Distance of less than a foot and a Maximum Magnification of .22x, which makes it a surprisingly good portrait lens, and overall very versatile.

The lens comes with a very wide, although not very protective lens hood which will help with sun and light flares. And although the lens has no image stabilization, its exceptionally fast 2.8 aperture makes it a great option for news, sports and action photography.

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