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Father’s Day is here and that means kooky ties, noodle art, cards and last-minute phone-calls in abundance. But a survey by Deal News reveals something most of us probably had a hunch about but didn’t want to admit: dads aren’t that into toolboxes. What they want is tech.

Of the 2,634 dads polled by Deal News, 21 percent confessed to wanting gadgets and electronics for their special day. But in 2014, only a dismal 5 percent of them actually received electronics.

Father’s Day is a lucrative holiday with the National Retail Federation estimating up to $12.7 billion in spending this year. It’s not quite as high as Mother’s Day which saw a whopping $21.2 billion spent earlier this year, but dads are a ripe market ready to be pandered to from the tech industry.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), there are 52 million dads in the United States armed with mobile devices. 58 percent of those dads earn over $75 thousand annually and 37 percent of them shop straight from their tablets and smartphones.

Mom’s might be the go-to half of parents marketers cater to, but dads shouldn’t be left out. Surprisingly dads share more photos, use more shopping apps, and access maps 4 percent more often than moms do. Dads are also twice as likely to purchase gifts and book travel arrangements via their mobile devices.

Check out IAB’s helpful infographic on mobile dads below to see just how tech-savvy dads are:


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