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I misplace my keys, wallet, phone, drink, headphones – everything really – all the time. Too many of my days out have been delayed, and I’ve been late more meetings than I care to menti0n because I couldn’t find everything I needed. It’s a common situation for most people, even when we promise ourselves that we’re going to always put our keys on that hook, or always leave our car key in that basket. The Wuvo Spot exists for the moments when you’re not as careful. It’s a small, Bluetooth-powered circle that you attach to anything you don’t want to forget with some nice tricks up its sleeve that separates it from the competition.

The Wuvo Spot is only about an inch wide and a little bit thicker than one of those circular batteries that power your watch. It’s unobstrusive, but a little too thick to be a welcome addition in your wallet. The Wuvo Spot comes with a little strap (that’s nearly impossible to put on, by the way), just begging to become part of your key chain. Wuvo recommends that you put your spot on nearly everything, including laptops and even angry cats, but its size relegates putting it on my key chain or backpack for the most convenience.

Wuvo, amusingly, recommends attaching the Wuvo Spot to pets. I do not.

Wuvo, amusingly, recommends attaching the Wuvo Spot to pets.

The setup process is simple and even a bit charming. You’re asked to place the Wuvo Spot onto your device to sync it with your phone’s Bluetooth before classifying the Wuvo with a name, category and photo of what it is you wish to track. This is super helpful if you have more than a few Wuvo Spots so you can see what you’re tracking at a glance.

Because the Wuvo Spot is a Bluetooth tracker, you’ll only be able to keep track of things within about 100 feet using your phone’s GPS. It’s a minor battery drain and you need your location services on for it to work, but that’s par for the course for these types of devices. Functionally, it works exactly like it should, and I never had any trouble at all with connectivity. If something goes missing within the Wuvo Spot’s range, you’ll reliably be able to track it down. My roommate and I played a game where she’d hide my keys with a Wuvo Spot attached, and every single time I found them using the app. Whenever you lose something, you’ll basically play a game of “Hot or Cold” until you’re right on top of what you’re looking for.


Wuvo has a creative way of handling the Spot’s limited range by sending you a push notification when you leave the perimeter of an object you’ve tagged. Unfortunately, this feature turned out to be more annoying than helpful, and I turned off for most of my items. For example, I have a Wuvo Spot on both my house keys and my car key. I don’t always need to take my car key with me, but I always got a notification when I left my apartment that my car key was out of range. It’s a nice feature when you’re out and prefer to have everything on your person, but wasn’t so great every time I tried to leave my house. But hey, at least you can turn it off!

Luckily, Wuvo Spot’s other features are all very well done. It will remember up to the last four places you were so you can backtrack to the last known location of your misplaced item. If you lose your phone (and it’s in range), the Wuvo Spot can ring it for you if you press the button on the back. The Wuvo Spot’s battery lasts for 6 months and can be replaced without having to purchase a new spot (a feature Wuvo prominently displays on their website). Your Wuvo Spot’s battery is clearly displayed within the app too. Lastly, if you lose something with a Wuvo Spot attached, a good Samaritan can log onto the Wuvo website to file your Spot’s identification number into the “Lost and Found” for you to recover it from them.

wuvo spot 2

The Wuvo Spot is something you hope you won’t have to use often. Thankfully, it works as reliably as it needs to be used, even if some of its notifications are overzealous. Its size makes it a bit impracticable for your phone or laptop, but it’s great for keys, your purse, fancy camera or backpack. At $30 for one or $75 for five, the Wuvo Spot (and its replaceable battery) will absolutely give you piece of mind if you chronically misplace your items. It’s available in December 2015 and is available for pre-order now.


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