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In news of maybe having too much time on one’s hands, startup company Scrona and researchers at ETH Zurich have completed a project that had very little results, literally – they created the world’s smallest inkjet color photo. This tiny printed photo is so small that it is completely invisible to the naked, human eye. To enjoy this small in actual size but grand in accomplishment feat, you’d have to gaze through a microscope to lay eyes on the photo of a squad of clown fishes chilling out around some sea anemones. Paging Finding Nemo!

In order to produce such a miniscule photograph, researchers used technology called 3D NanoDrip invented at ETH Zurich. This process allowed them to print what is actually a quite detailed and clear photo onto an area that comes in at just shy of 0.0092 square millimeters (80×115 micrometers). To obtain such a small scale, the 3D NanoDrip technology utilized quantum dots, which are nanoparticles created to emit the light of a specific color. Dense layers of these quantum dots were printed extremely close together in 24-bit color that resulted in a resolution of 25,000 DPI.

I myself am not an expert on units of measurement, but I definitely don’t remember dealing with micrometers in high school math classes, so that sucker must indeed be quite small. In fact, those measurements are roughly equivalent to a lone pixel on an ultra high-res retina display. For non-photography buffs, the photo is similar in size to the cross section of a strand of human hair.

If Scrona and the ETH Zurich researchers were looking to make the record books with their project, they got their wish: the photo has officially been classified as the world’s smallest inkjet printed color image by Guinness World Records, proving yet again that there will never be a shortage of accolades for Guinness to dole out.

If owning a microscopic photo sounds like a bizarre coffee table statement piece you’d like to possess, Scrona has launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can fork over $594 for a micron photo with any print of your choosing and their µPeek microscope, which attaches to your phone so you can actually view the damn thing. After all, it’s not the size that counts, but how good it looks up close.

Scrona Kickstarter campaign

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