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$301 million: that was the price tag for the world’s most expensive house, which was just sold to its new, extremely wealthy owner. Let’s put that number in perspective, shall we? The median income for a household in the U.S. as of June 2015 is $52,250. That means it would take the average American household 5,761 years to make enough money to afford this house. Makes ya feel small, doesn’t it?

Pipe dreams aside, this veritable palace is packed to the brim with tech goodies that will make your head spin off its neck – after you’ve screwed it back on after laying eyes on a $300 million dollar mansion, that is. While souped up tech options are undoubtedly super functional and cool, you normally pay the price in terms of aesthetic. Not the case when you’ve got millions and millions of dollars to hide tech amenities behind straight up glitz and glamour.

The lavish décor of this house conceals just how connected and technological it truly is. “The automated high-tech controls are incorporated with the utmost discretion, blending invisibly with the interior’s breathtaking Grand Siècle décor: gold leaf moldings, marble inlays, tables sculpted from solid stone, the finest silks, hand-painted frescoes, elegant metalwork and countless other refined details,” explains the house’s website. Yes, the house has a website. It’s practically a small city.

A fountain that welcomes visitors to the house, which could double as a large pool, is adorned with a gold sculpture that shoots water and lights, all of which are controlled through an app. So whenever the new owners feel like showing up the Venetian in their own front yard, they simply open an app and gaze at the wonder of their fountain show. The house itself is monitored with a high-tech security system equipped with 40 high-definition cameras. And even simple amenities that can serve as eyesores, such as an air conditioning unit, are disguised with frescoes.

Besides the sheer appeal of a $300 million mansion and the tech that is linked into its foundation, the history of the house itself is stuff of legend. It was built to resemble Versailles and sits on a 56-acre piece of land. With 20 bedrooms, marble statues, a 3,000-bottle wine cellar, aquarium, movie theatre, gym, nightclub and a freaking labyrinth, this shrine took 200 people more than three years to build and was a potential host for the wedding of the decade: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Check out more unbelievable photos of this unbelievable house below.

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