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There’s no denying the usefulness and, in some cases, downright utter coolness of many tech devices and gadgets flooding the market these days. But the metal and plastic that is used to create most isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, or friendly to our fragile environment. In attempts to combat both the appearance plague and the environmentally detrimental plague of many devices, tech companies are turning to an old-school material to add a little style and sustainability to tech gadgets: wood.

Not only does wood provide a clean, more natural look to most gadgets, but it’s an undeniably green material. Biodegradable and sustainable, wooden products are also mostly made from other recycled materials. Since the lifespan of many products is shortened thanks to newer and better versions hitting the market at faster and faster rates, products made with recyclable, sustainable materials like wood drastically cut down on e-waste that is currently littering landfills.

But don’t just take my word for it; you should see for yourself. There are already tons of gadgets and devices out there made with wood that look great and perform just as well as their plastic or metallic counterparts. Do yourself – and the world – a favor and consider one of these stylish wooden options the next time you’re upgrading the tech in your life.

Explorer Music Player

Wooden tech - Explorer music player

If there’s anything that could benefit from using sustainable wood, it’s the easily disposable music player. Thankfully, Explorer has created a great looking option made from wood that also resembles a flask. This fancy looking wooden flask that doubles as a quality music player truly stands out among the competition, and when you factor in how great it is for the environment when disposed, you truly can’t beat this one.

House of Marley Legend

Gadgets made solely of wood are still sparse, but more and more designers are utilizing wood to create some impressive and sleek looking accents in order to brighten up the dull aesthetic of most tech devices. These headphones from House of Marley are a perfect example of what a little bit of wood can add to an overall look. They use responsibly harvested FSC-certified wood and recycled materials to minimize any impact on the waste system.

TokyoFlash Smartwatch

Wooden tech - TokyoFlash LED Blade Wood Link smartwatch

There are a lot of smartwatches out there, but to be frank, there really aren’t that many options that you’d want to show off as a good-looking accessory on your wrist. TokyoFlash, however, is a developer that has hundreds of different smartwatch models that look amazing, work just as well as anything Apple has to offer and are also a fraction of the price. The LED Blade Wood Link model is a particular standout.

Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker

Wooden tech - Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker

Turns out, wood is a great acoustic conductor, so speaker systems made with the material usually offer much better sound quality over the competition, while retaining a sleek aesthetic and sustainable quality. The Marley Get Together Bluetooth Speaker is one of the loudest speakers around, and boasts a fairly portable size making it a great looking party starter for any occasion.

Headphones and audio devices are really gravitating to wood for their designs. And because everyone should have options to choose from when picking their next tech obsession, this pair of Audeze EL-8 headphones are yet another pair of high-quality, top-notch audio tech perfect for pretty much any audiophile out there, complete with a custom design by BMW DesignWorks.

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