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Withings has always had an eye for good-looking smartwatches, boasting some of the more colorful and quirky models out there. Their latest, the Steel HR smartwatch, is something else entirely. The sleek, suave, minimalist design screams modernity and sophistication. Seriously, this is a smartwatch that James Bond himself would rock like a pro and still maintain his effortless, polished look. Withings has outdone themselves with the Steel HR, creating a smartwatch that mirrors the finest looking watches you can buy.

For starters, you’ve got the stainless steel casing, which establishes the sleekness of the watch, followed by a silicone strap and chrome hands that just ooze class. The black and white color options progress the modern, minimalist feel Withings is going for with their latest model, meaning this is a watch that will look great at the office and a black tie affair. As a smartwatch, Steel HR is most concerned with tracking your activity, as evidenced by the dial in the watch face that displays a percentage of your personal activity goal that you’ve achieved.

Withings Steel HR

Now for the real draw – Steel HR contains a second dynamic digital screen at the top of the watch face that lets wearers see their health data in real time, as well as displays smartphone notifications. All of this information can be switched back and forth by pressing a button on the side of the watch face. Because of this new digital screen, the battery life of the watch takes a hit from other Withings devices. Steel HR will last 25 days, but a power saving mode will activate after that to give you an additional 20 days of life where fitness and activity tracking is still available.

The water resistant Steel HR can track swimming, walking, running and sleep, giving you a well-rounded look at metrics and data to help you maintain your fitness and health goals. New to this model is an optical heart rate sensor that will monitor your pulse and heart rate throughout the day, even while you’re sleeping. All of this data will be front and center in the Withings Health Mate app, where you can monitor your data and set fitness goals. An upgrade to the app now allows users to analyze calories burned and maximum heart rate. The new Steel HR will retail for around $225 and hits the market this October.

See what all the fuss is about by renting and trying out the Withings Activité Pop smartwatch from Lumoid today before the Steel HR becomes available this Fall.

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