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Today’s portable cameras are designed to capture hours of footage, which is a pain to sift through. Spending all night butchering highlights was a process that enthusiasts had to accept, simply because there was no way around the grueling ordeal.

Bruno Gregory, a Brazilian software engineer, came up with a solution that solves the Mo footage, Mo problems issue that is currently plaguing the filming scene. The Graava, a tiny recording device, self-edits footage as it happens.

“Millions of videos are shot every day, but very few people actually have the time, experience, or software necessary to edit the hours of footage they have after a long day skiing or zip lining,” said CEO and Co-founder Gregory. “Graava is here to take care of that for you. We make creating awesome videos easier than ever, and it’s going to completely change the way people share experiences.”


Seamless Recording Experience

Learning to trust the portable camera to save your most memorable experiences is probably the hardest part about using the device. The Graava does this using a bundle of modern technology, such as GPS, an accelerometer, gyroscope and more. An optional heartbeat sensor for Apple Watch users can also be connected to the device to increase the accuracy of the filming predictions.

The small machine actively waits for a sudden spike in movement or changes in one’s environment to start recording. Alternatively, individuals may also shout “Graava” to manually initiate the process. There are two buttons located on the side of the device for power and toggling camera modes. Recordings are automatically pushed to the cloud for secure storage.


Technical Specs

Video quality meets the standards of the mid-range camera category: 1080p video at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60 fps. For still shots, the unit can take eight megapixel images. Activating hyperlapse mode will automatically compile the shots and create a time-lapse video out of the footage.

Battery life (1100mAh) lasts around three hours per session. Powering the device is done wirelessly, using a charging mat. Boasting an IP67 water-resistant rating, you can ride through rainy conditions without worrying about ruining the camera.


The Graava App

Graava comes with an app (available on iOS and Android platforms) that allows you to edit your nicely trimmed clips. There are options to add music and share your experiences instantly on various social media platforms. The app will actually prep the video for you, before pushing it out to your preferred online service. Combining footage with other Graava cameras is also possible through the selection screen. To cater to instant filming, individuals can setup a tray of hotkeys for easy access to frequently used shooting modes.


Pre-ordering and Shipping Information

The Graava team is currently taking pre-orders on the official website for $249. Early adopters who place an order before September 1 are entitled to a $150 discount, based on the retail price of $399. If all goes as planned, shipping will start in early 2016. Optional accessories include the following: wireless charger stand, bumper, adhesive mount, bar mount and clip.

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