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Selfies – everybody’s taking them, even your grandma and that weird dog down the street (yes, animals are doing it too). The problem is they’re way too easy to take. If you want to up the stakes a little, try taking a dronie instead.

“It turned out that in reality people bought the drones because of narcissism. People want to put pictures on YouTube of them looking strong and talented, and that is why people want the cameras,” explained Henri Seydoux, chief executive of Parrot.

Never heard of a dronie? It’s basically a selfie taken with a drone camera. Not everyone has access to a UAV or knows how to fly one, which makes such shots incredibly special. With some patience and a lot of practice, you could start replacing your boring selfies with dronies.


How to Take the Perfect Dronie

Dronies are fairly new, so there aren’t really any standards to adhere to similar to selfie etiquette. However, there are some things you can consider to ensure your personal aerial shot stands out from the sea of basic dronie pics online.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a background that looks mind-blowing from the angle that you’re shooting from. Most drone pics are captured from a pronounced height, pointing downwards. This sounds limiting, but it’s not. If you were standing at the edge of a cliff or floating on a peaceful lake, you’d be able to bring in elements that you wouldn’t normally see with a smartphone.

“I don’t like to take or share ordinary, hand-held selfies,” said Renee Lusano, a San Francisco-based designer. “I like creating photo and video collections that I can share with my friends and family, that they’ll really enjoy—not just cell phone snapshots that I’ll back up to a hard drive after a trip and never look at again.”

It’s important to make sure you’re always at the center of the shot. UAVs can extend much longer than your stubby arms and flimsy selfie sticks, so there’s no reason why you should squish down to the far corner of the frame. Also, don’t forget to hold your controller – this makes your dronies more legit. It’s not mandatory, but it makes you look like a badass.

Incorporating Movement with Drones

Another element you can add to elevate your shots to untouchable heights is movement. Pan smoothly to the left or right, up and down, or curve in and out. If done right, this will really set you apart from the crowd. Social media channels like Instagram and Twitter welcome your short dronie clips with open arms. Below is an example:

Credits: A video posted by W R E N E E . C O M (@wrenees) on Jul 23, 2015 at 6:17pm PDT

For dronie clips, you’ll want to stay in the entire shot as much as possible. It wouldn’t be right if you disappeared in the middle of the clip (then it wouldn’t be a dronie). Throw in some ear-popping background music, and you’ve got a dronie that puts all the selfies collecting dust in your camera roll to shame.

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