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Look, I get it, writing can be tedious. And what’s the new-old saying? Oh, an emoji is worth a thousand words! To that effect, EmojiWorks has created a full-blown Emoji Keyboard for your computer and typography needs. Do you ever just get overwhelmed getting a message or email that’s purely text? Does the sight of emojis make tackling something more fun? Well, the emoji keyboard is for you then.

As yet another example of the cultural dominance of the emoji, the Emoji Keyboard is tailor made for people who have troubles expressing their thoughts and feelings through written word, opting to rather send eggplants, crying faces and cute cartoon poop to people to truly get their point across. I mean, who truly needs words? Cavemen got by with grunts and cave drawings. The ancient Egyptians documented everything in glorious hieroglyphics. Just comparing the word hieroglyphic to actual hieroglyphics should be enough proof that words are kinda ugly, but a monkey covering his mouth emoji to represent “oops, did I say that?” is so much cuter and fun!

Ironically, though the Emoji Keyboard may be trying to eradicate all use of the written word, the Oxford Dictionary just named “emoji” as the word of the year. While you wrap your brain around that, let’s get into how this glorified toy works, shall we? For those few of you out there who still communicate alphabetically, fret not – the Emoji Keyboard still allows you to type letters like a normal keyboard. The layout of the letters remains the same, but accompanying each letter is an emoji that can be typed out instead of the letter by hitting the giant red emoji key to transfer modes from boring letters to fun emojis.

The device is compatible with Mac OS X, iOS and Windows on laptops, tablets and desktops, connecting to your devices via Bluetooth. The Emoji Keyboard comes in three different models. The standard version has 47 emojis, which is like, nothing when you think about it. The Plus model doubles your emoji capabilities to a serviceable 94. Finally, the Pro model hits you with a whopping 120. With the laughably basic standard version coming in at $80 and a $10 increase in price for each ascending model, you’ll totally get your money’s worth forking over an extra $20 for more than 70 additional emojis. That’s like Costco price compatible.

Right now, these fabulously 21st Century devices are available for pre-order. And don’t worry, they’re equipped with the latest wave of new emojis, so yes, you can spam all your friends with unicorn emojis on Facebook. With pre-orders set to ship in December, I can’t think of a better Christmas present than the gift of the Magi emoji.

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