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So many of us struggle with losing certain things around the house. Sometimes it’s your keys, and you’re 15 minutes late to work already. Sometimes it’s the remote control when you just want to watch your favorite show. Or it’s your kid’s shoes, or your dog’s collar, or your wallet with all your credit cards in it.

Say goodbye to the old days of fruitless searching — now new advances in technology have finally given us wireless tracking systems that be can easily used to hunt down everything we own within our immediate surroundings.

Here are some of the most popular wireless tracking systems that are helping the forgetful and the disorganized everywhere to always know where everything is.

Kinsight from Kinect

The Kinsight system uses Kinect sensing cameras that are placed throughout the home. These sensors look at the items that people pick up and put down, to build a kind of index that will be useful later.


The Chipolo system is another way to figure out where you put all of your stuff. This small Bluetooth device uses Chipolo range meter technology and GPS information to help you keep track of items by sticking small chips onto them.


The Protag “Duet” system gets high marks from the Wall Street Journal and other reviewers. At $19, this tracker features capable sensor systems in a variety of colors, available for both iPhone and Android systems.


Tile also offers a tracking device — for $20, users can get an iPhone-based systems including crowd sourcing strategies for finding those hard-to-isolate items. This tracking device gets good marks for reliability and high-quality design.

TrackR from Phone Halo

The TrackR system supports both Apple and Android systems. Although some users claim the system’s trackers haven’t great good at updating positions, it does have a replaceable battery, various kinds of audio features, and other conveniences for users — and the company says they’re working on building more sophisticated tools for handling the device’s alerts.


With LassoTag, as with these other systems, you get a sort of physical hardware chip that the company calls a “beacon” and that you can attach to your objects. LassoTag claims that it’s iPhone compatible app “makes personal belongings smarter” and helps phones and other devices to communicate with each other. Users can designate an iPhone is a tracking base, and track up to six items at once to a range of 50 feet – a three month battery warranty and temperature readings add to the utility and value of this device.


StickNFind is another sticker system that allows you to keep tabs on multiple items by tagging them with the tracking stickers, and using sensing devices to figure out where they are later.

Take a look at any of these convenient “digital organizers” to get relief from the thorny problems of keeping all of your things where they are easily found.

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