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Apple isn’t just content with building the best smartphones and computers; their goal is most likely world domination. So, it should come as no surprise then that earlier this year, rumors started brewing about the brand’s latest venture: an electric car. Code-named Project Titan, there are now numerous reports from credible sources that Apple could very well be gearing up to dethrone Tesla as the top EV manufacturer in this nascent space.


Where is Apple Building the Car?

Apple is going out of its way to keep the covers on the unconfirmed project. Instead of working on the car out in the open, the group has mysteriously segregated a separate venue in Sunnyvale, California under a marketing firm called SixtyEight Research.

“To keep their presence under the radar, Apple employees have allegedly been told to turn their official company badges around when entering the building, so they will not be seen by members of the public,” wrote Apple Insider in a blog post.

Information about the decoy company leads to dead ends – no office location or phone number. Activities around the building have been fairly minimal. A note on the entrance indicates that the business has moved to a new venue, a building that Apple takes credit for owning.

Supporting the rumors surrounding the massive project is the company’s new all-star task force. Apple has been poaching leaders from Samsung, A123 Systems, Tesla, LG Chem and Panasonic all year. New employment updates suggest that more than 1,800 workers are assigned to Project Titan.


What Kind of Car is Apple Building?

Speculation around the type of car being built remains gossipy at best. So far, rumors that Apple is developing an EV are on the table. But new information also indicates that the group could be building a self-driving car. Fueling these reports is the company’s deep interest in autonomous experts. Mike Maletic, Apple’s senior legal counsel, also reportedly met with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and its team of self-driving representatives.


Delivering the EV Experience… with BMW?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech giant is aiming for a 2019 release of this rumored and unofficial product, so godspeed to them. By then, a great number of electric cars should be in the market. The EV race may not necessarily come down to how fast companies can get their offerings into the hands of consumers. After all, Tesla already beat everyone in the space with the release of the iconic Roadster. Elon Musk proved that an electric-powered car was possible, and now people want more. Specifically, buyers want a stronger battery, a futuristic design and a user-friendly operating system.

Due to the demand for something fresh, powerful and edgy, Apple can’t just strap a battery on a gutted car and call it revolutionary. Again, that was what Tesla did; and while it worked in the past, the brand has stepped up with a list of game-changing features to solidify its current standing.

Word on the street is the company has partnered with BMW to boost innovation over its very intimidating competitors, namely Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Richard Branson’s Virgin – the latest company to enter the EV free-for-all. In order for Apple to truly be successful in this realm, it needs to deliver a truly transcendent experience, beyond the capabilities of the basic electric cars available today.

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