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The 2015 Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference kicks off today, but those hoping to get the lowdown on the release of new gadgets will be met with disappointment. This year’s WWDC will focus mostly on iOS and OS X software updates, but that’s not to say there won’t be exciting news for Apple users.

iOS 9, which will likely be an enhanced version of OS X Snow Leopard, may also include a new and improved lifestyle management feature to replace the existing Spotlight Search. “Proactive” will combine the powers of Siri and Spotlight to allow users to search for whatever they need as well as provide easy access to their favorite apps, contacts, maps and more.

Commuters can rejoice over the new Transit directions, which are likely coming to Apple Maps. Paired with the release of the Apple watch, this long overdue addition could ease the stress of public transit riders everywhere.

The OS X update is rumored to mostly be a stability update, and will also likely include the new ‘San Francisco’ font of the Apple watch. Following the trend of the past two updates, OS X 10.11 will probably be named after a major California landmark — we’re hoping for Karl the Fog.

Spotify could have a run for its money if rumors of Apple’s music streaming service are true. With an on-demand library of music and $10 a month subscription fee, Apple’s music streaming service could easily become the leader in the online music world.

The Apple Watch will also get some attention with new native software developer tools. Developers will now  be able to create apps that can run on the Apple watch, rather than just running the apps through the iPhone and connecting to the watch via Bluetooth.

You can catch the action through Apple’s live feed of the event at


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