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Last minute shopping is no fun at all. But, if you missed out on Cyber Monday or Black Friday tech deals, scavenging may be your only hope this holiday season. Here are just a few of the most bizarre gifts for the techie in your life.

1) The Ugly Sweater with Flare (Quite Literally)
crackling fire place sweater

Giving all other ugly Christmas sweaters a run for their money, this Digital Dudz Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater strives to help you “dominate your party” this year. Set your phone in the fireplace adorning the sweater after downloading the app and let that techie weirdo blissfully bring the heat all winter long. At only $45.69, this one is practically a steal.

2) A Phone Case Like No Other

hard drive phone case

This hard drive phone case apparently offers thorough protection while keeping people from stealing your phone. If that’s not a concern and you know someone who just really enjoys the look of a hard drive pressed up against their face, then this is the gift for them too.

3) Celebrate Toast with USBs and Thumb-Drives 

usb toast and thumbdrives

I’m not sure where these ideas are generated, but apparently everyone loves toast, so why not make popular tech items into little pieces of them? You can purchase the tiniest little toaster and some thumb-drive toast to go along with it, complete with names such as Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp and Tato. Because when you really think about it, what could be a better gift?

4) A Social Networking Garment

social networking garment

If the extremely difficult act of posting to Facebook is just too much of burden for a loved one, this garment is for them. This garment allows you to post to Facebook with just the life of your sweatshirt. With Ping, you can connect to your account wirelessly from anywhere and it will pick up on gestures such as flipping the hood up to post directly to your Facebook account with pre-programmed commands.

5) The Smartest Sock You Ever Did See

smart socks that work with iPhone

These socks connect with your phone to tell you which socks belong together, help you sort them, tell you how often they’ve been washed and more. For anyone who has ever lost a sock, which is everyone I’m pretty sure, these are like a dream come true.

6) Siri with a Serious Attitude

omniscient siri

The Omniscient Siri accessory slides over your iPhone and is meant to signify the face of Siri. With it’s ambiguous smile, the face puts Siri before anything else, forcing you to the program; it’s also a little unsettling if you ask me. But hey, it does look like Han Solo trapped in carbonite! #geekcred

7) The Spinning Hat Social Shower Curtain

facebook shower curtain

The infamous Facebook layout is now even one of the most popular shower curtain patterns. Hop in the shower and fill in the photo of your Facebook profile with this kitschy curtain. Gentleman in the pink shower cap not included.

If you are fiending for some more gift ideas and these are just a bit too odd for you, check out the ultimate tech gift guide for more ideas.

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