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I’ll be the first to admit – I’m an abuser of the free Apple headphones that come with Apple products. Yes, I know they’re not quality headphones by any means. Yes, I know they deteriorate over time. Yes, I know I’m an embarrassment rocking those everywhere from public transportation to the gym (the approximately three times a year I go, that is). But I can’t help it – did I mention they were free? Plus, I do enjoy the little microphone clip, which does come in handy when taking phone calls on the go. Still, I just haven’t bit the bullet and upgraded to a pair of quality headphones yet, much to the dismay, vitriol and tears of audiophiles who look down upon me for wearing these white monstrosities.

Waves Audio, a leading developer and supplier of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins for recording, mixing, mastering and post production of sound and audio, realizes there are others out there like me who sacrifice sound quality for the convenience of the low (or no) price point of shoddy headphones. On a valiant mission to upgrade mediocre headphones with 3D sound, Waves has launched Waves Nx, a head tracker that clips onto headphones and creates 3D audio bliss in the form of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, even if the headphones in question weren’t created to host it.

This Bluetooth tracker pairs with a custom built app from Waves Audio in order to track your movement and adjust sound accordingly to deliver bigger, better, bolder audio. The Waves Nx head tracker can produce full sound output for both ears evenly, creating realistic sound environments that feel all encompassing. You can check out Waves Nx on Kickstarter and pledge $59 to get both the head tracker and app. Once officially launched, Waves Nx will retail for $99. Those looking to upgrade their cheap headphones and not break the bank to secure some truly 3D audio should fine much to celebrate in Waves Nx.

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