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In one corner, standing between 4.5 and 6 inches tall is the smartphone, a device that dictates the lives of the modern day millennial, professional, techie and bored housewife everywhere. In the other corner, weighing in at a massive weight and serving as one of the most necessary biological components of life, it’s the combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, better known as water.

The two are unarguably needs in today’s day and age, but they unfortunately just so happen to be sworn enemies of each other. Just the slightest interaction of water with a smartphone can have catastrophic consequences for the phone and can lead to grudges, hatred and bad blood between the victim and that cool, refreshing chemical substance. Fortunately for smartphone and other technological gizmos, there’s now a weapon available to defend themselves against the tyranny and destruction of water.

Impervious liquid waterproofing spray is the welcome shield for every electronic device – a hydrophobic treatment spray that employs nanotechnology to coat and protect electronic devices against rain, splashes and spills of liquid and the total submersion into liquid up to 3 feet deep. The spray coats devices including phones, tablets, gadgets, drones, computers and audio equipment with a waterproof shield that causes incoming water and liquids to separate from non-polar substances. The nanotechnology within the spray manipulates individual atoms and molecules, causing devices sprayed with the substance to give off a high contact angle finish that makes any incoming liquid form into a sphere or droplet that deflects and runs off the surface of the device.

So whether you’re off to the beach, yachting around the Mediterranean, throwing a pool party, or just getting sloppy with a lot of alcohol at a club, a simple spray down of your phone or other tech gadgets with Impervious will protect and defend them against the inevitable disaster you’ve set them up to encounter with your fun-loving ways. Impervious is intended to be used on the exterior of many devices, but can be utilized to coat interior components of devices such as batteries, circuit boards and connectors.

Currently, Impervious spray is available for purchase on Amazon, the company’s website and their Indiegogo page for a discounted price. The spray can be purchased in 8ml, 20ml and 50ml bottles at various prices, along with iPhone waterproofing kits. Spray up and go let water know that you’ll no longer be its bitch with Impervious waterproof spray.

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