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There’s nothing more trying, stressful and arduous than shopping for and buying a new car. Just thinking about it can cause migraines and send people curling up into a fetal position. But what if buying a car was as easy as getting a soda or late-night snack from a sleazy Motel 6? That’s where Carvana and their handy-dandy car vending machine come into play. You heard right – Carvana has crafted a vending machine that will spit out, wait for it….A BRAND NEW CAR!

The automotive retailer has created the car vending machine to beat all other car vending machines, enabling customers to insert a specially designed coin that activates a robotic system that will fetch the car of your fancy from a 20-foot tower full of shiny new cars and transport your new wheels to one of three delivery bays. No more test driving, wheeling and dealing with salespeople and waiting long hours in a stone cold game of price negotiation – Carvana wants to give you a car as fast as you can get a refreshing Dr. Pepper.

In the dog eat dog world of car dealerships, Carvana has done something that no other car dealership can seem to manage: make shopping for a car seem kind of cool and fun. That may not sound like a lot, but by transforming the perception of the car buying process from one of dread into one of excitement and possibility, Carvana and their car vending machine are definitely standing out among their competitors. But the vending machine sales model isn’t just all flash and little substance; in fact, this technique of managing, storing and delivering cars actually possesses some practicality.

For example, no longer does Carvana need to worry about having enough adequate space and land for a lot to house and park their inventory of vehicles. With this giant towering vending machine, Carvana drastically cuts down on the space required to shelter their product. The automated vending machine process also reduces the need of humans in handling the cars, as well as their presence during the browsing and shopping of cars. The car of the future may not be here yet, but Carvana’s vending machine certainly represents the future of buying cars. Let’s hope that the car of your dreams won’t get stuck dangling in this vending machine like packs of Cheez-Its always do.

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