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Imagine being a fly on the wall as our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, being among the hundreds of thousands gathered for the Civil Rights March on Washington where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech or witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall. With virtual reality app Timelooper, you have the next best thing – the ability to immerse yourself into virtual recreations of some of the most important and groundbreaking events in history.

With just a smartphone and a cardboard headset, the Timelooper app turns anyone into a virtual time traveler. Currently, the app only takes users through key events and moments in London’s history, including the Nazi Blitz during WWII and the Great Fire of London. Coming this April, however, Timelooper is preparing a splashy New York City launch that will allow people to witness profound moments in the Big Apple’s history, including the day the famous photograph of those construction workers ate lunch atop what would become the Rockefeller Center was taken and the scene in Times Square on VJ Day.

Using a smartphone’s accelerometer, which detects motion, users of Timelooper can view and traverse these virtual worlds of yesteryear. The cool part about Timelooper is that it interlaces current environments with images and videos of what they looked like in the past, meaning to effectively immerse oneself in the past, users have to travel to these destinations to virtually experience what they were like in the past. The idea to make Timelooper an explorative app, rather than one that allows you to virtually experience the past from the comfort of your own home, came about as a way to improve and revolutionize tourism technology. What’s a better way to attract people to landmarks and other routine tourist attractions than by developing an app that will enable tourists to experience what they were like hundreds of years ago through virtual reality?

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