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Vine has revolutionized the content creation industry. Those with really short attention spans (one study says that our attention spans are four seconds shorter than they were fifteen years ago) can now watch six second clips of creatively shot video. However, Vine wants to do a lot more with those precious six seconds, such as audio remixing.

Vine’s update now allows people to make audio remixes by tapping a three-dot button at the bottom right of a Vine and building a meme by tapping “make an audio remix.” This allows anyone to mix and match video and audio from various memes with the audio from the original Vine already in the new one. You can film a new Vine, or get a video clip from the ones sitting in your camera roll, making your smartphone into a meme lab and you the scientist.

“Remixes, remakes and collaborations are essential parts of the Vine ecosystem, and today we are introducing new features that build on this, allowing everyone to get in on the action. You now have the power to reinterpret, collaborate or remix with audio from any Vine on the network, as well as discover these creations that reveal the bigger picture behind the incredible trends that evolve on Vine,” the company said in a blog post.

The update will also allow people to discover Vines that have the same audio clip or song. “When someone uses our new audio tool to make a Vine, we display info for the source Vine, just like we do when people use our app to add music tracks to their Vines. This means that you can see the original Vine from which a remix or remake was created. In building these features, it was important to us to credit creators and make sure people could see which Vine led to the creation of hundreds or even thousands of Vines,” said Kristian Bauer, iOS engineer at Vine.

Why You Lyin, a popular meme where Vine star Nicholas Fraser parodies 90s R&B song “Too Close” by Next, can be mixed into anything now. Celebrities such as R&B singer Chris Brown, rapper Wiz Khalifa and hip-hop executive P. Diddy have gotten into this Vine craze. The meme has almost 50 million loops on Vine. The ability to mix and match memes on Vine will help content creators find new and innovative ways to create more shareable moments.

“We empowered people to make Vines like our top creators by helping them add perfect music loops to their posts. Similarly, with this release, we are bringing our first take on the remix to the world,” Bauer wrote. “We can’t wait to see what you (re)make.”

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