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Who needs a blender when you’ve got a drone? That should assuredly be the tagline for a short film called “Drone Blender,” where a DJI Phantom camera drone is filmed eviscerating fruit, eggs, vegetables and various other foods being thrown at it in a glorious 1,500 frames per second. That’s right, we’ve apparently grown so accustomed to drones now that we need to spice up their purpose by throwing food at them. Obviously, any sane person’s first thought would be to toss a heavy melon at an expensive piece of equipment, right?

Stupidity aside, the video is quite a cool look due to not only the quality of it but also how effective and vicious the drone’s propellers prove to be to the incoming food. Make no mistake – drones can cause some serious damage (just ask Enrique Iglesias). Utilizing a $60,000 Phantom Miro high-speed camera, studio Speed Motion Films finally answered the age-old question: are drones and blenders interchangeable? Next time your Magic Bullet just isn’t getting the job done, turn to your drone for your morning smoothie fix. Please throw things at your drone’s propellers responsibly.

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