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Like humans, pets also need convenient access to health care services. The problem is, most vet facilities aren’t designed to handle the concerns of our domesticated companions outside of the clinic.

For pet owners living in the Bay Area, that’s all about to change with the release of the revolutionary Vet24seven app.

“The Vet24seven mobile app is ideal for that situation that every pet owner faces—when we see a behavior or symptom that is concerning, but due to today’s busy lifestyles, we can’t get into the veterinarian’s office right away,” explained Dr. Ed Blach, a veterinarian and co-founder of Vet24seven.

“Vet24seven gives the pet owner a chance to consult with their veterinarian, or an available veterinarian in the Vet24seven network if they don’t have one, to help them decide what to do. It provides peace of mind for the animal owner when they need it the most.”

Vet24seven mobile app screenshot

Convenient Pet Consultation Services

The virtual pet care platform offers real-time consultation services through a smartphone. To get started, pet owners are required to download the free app (available on Apple devices only, Android version coming soon). After installation, one can create a pet profile. Initiating a consultation begins with choosing a qualified veterinarian from the list of local animal doctors.

There are currently two types of consultations, chat and live video. A 10-minute session costs between $40-$60 (consultation fees vary). For emergency cases, individuals have the option to flag requests as urgent. To help boost the accuracy of the service, owners are encouraged to upload photos and videos. The app stores the consultation documents in the Vet24seven cloud, where the content can be accessed for future sessions.

Veterinarians who would like to take part in the platform will need to download a special version of the app, specifically designed for the professional aspects of the service. The robust platform caters to a range of animals, including cats, dogs, horses, cows, birds, iguanas and other exotic pets.

Vet pet care

Supported by Local Pet Owners

The new service addresses two key issues that hinder traditional pet care facilities. By using the Vet24seven application, individuals can reduce the lengthy waiting time and stress often associated with a visit to the animal clinic. For busy pet owners, the readily available service offers guidance, as well as essential advice beyond clinical business hours.

“My cat, Leo, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. We value Vet24seven as a tool to communicate with the veterinarian as we learn to do things like inject insulin and manage his diet,” said Jo Hultquist, pet owner and user of the Vet24seven app. “I think this app is very convenient and will be highly popular. The most important thing is that it can provide immediate comfort for concerned pet owners like me.”

Prior to the launch of the app, Vet24seven conducted a survey in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo. The positive results from the study helped the company gather insights and provide services that are suitable for the Bay Area community.

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