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It’s not easy maintaining the friendly skies anymore, now that drones are popping up in airspace all over the world more frequently. Since most of these unmanned aerial vehicles cost a lot more than just a pretty penny, it makes since that many want to protect their goodies from any harm or foul that may befall them. Thankfully, Verifly is here to save the day – and your drone! Like any great startup, the co-founders behind Verifly, Jay Bregman and Eugene Hertz, sensed a dire market need for a service that would provide insurance for drone flights any time, any place. In today’s tech-saturated world, what better way to offer an on-demand service than by creating an app available at millions of peoples’ fingertips?

With more and more drones entering domestic airspace (more than half a million drones have been registered with the Federal Aviation Administration since regulations went into effect in December of 2015), the need for protection has grown insurmountably. Drone operators no longer have to worry about damage to their drones thanks to Verifly and its 24/7, on-demand drone insurance service. Even more, those that may not own a drone personally but find themselves operating one can purchase insurance on a per-flight basis. The ultimate goal behind Verifly was to create a seamless, easy-to-use service that addressed the safety concerns and needs when operating a drone.

So, just how does the app work? Opening the Verifly app will place you in a quarter mile radius around other drone users. The app will then analyze data from the startup’s own proprietary weather and geospatial database in order to show you the estimated risk of flying a drone in your area at that time. Based on this risk estimate, Verifly sets a price on an insurance policy you can then purchase directly through the app. Essentially, it’s like Uber for drone insurance, and 15 seconds could save you 15 percent or more when it comes to protecting your drone. Okay, so that last part may not be accurate, but you get the gist. Verifly may not have a rolls-off-your-tongue catchphrase or cute reptilian mascot – yet! – but the app is probably the best safety net drone operators could possess.

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