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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, one of two things probably happened: you’re either one of the select few people that haven’t heard about or been swept up in the Pokémon GO craze, or your sanctuary was disturbed when some fool lifted up your house to try to find a Pokémon on Pokémon GO. To say Pokémon GO is a phenomenon is an understatement. Having been out for a week, there’s already statistics saying that the augmented reality app has more users than Tinder, has been used to facilitate robberies, has generated testimonials that it’s helping hermits to come out of their shells and fight depression and has been used as an accidental tool for finding dead bodies.

More than anything, though, Pokémon GO is getting people outside and going to far reaches to find more Pokémon to catch. The game is built around players walking and journeying to different areas and environments to discover more Pokémon. It’s been the biggest driving force for people going to church since Easter, and is shaping millions of calves into better overall shape. However, one Pokémon GO player discovered a nifty little work around to avoid all that pesky physical exercise and walking, and still be able to find all the Pokémon his heart desires.

Tumblr user Perchbird shared photos of him using Pokémon GO and attaching his phone that was running the app to a mounted Phantom 3 drone. By linking his laptop to his drone with the AirDroid app, Perchbird could view and control Pokémon GO on his computer as the drone carried his phone to new heights in order to encounter more Pokémon in the app. Pretty much beating Pokémon GO at its own game, Perchbird has already devised a major hack for the app that is taking the world by storm. However, things didn’t work out quite in his favor.

Because he lives in a sparsely populated suburban area, Perchbird’s sneaky drone mission didn’t yield many new results when it came to scoping out Pokémon. He was restricted to the broadcast area of his WiFi that he used to control the app through his computer as the drone hovered around trying to spot Pokémon from a bird’s eye view, which was only about a 50-foot radius. In a more populated area, he would’ve encountered more Pokémon and maybe been able to truly catch them all. Duct taping his phone to the drone also threw off its compass, taking it out of GPS mode. Still, if that was rectified and some drone owner had a stronger connection signal and was in a denser environment, they might become the first Pokémon GO Pokémon Master!

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