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Working out, when you think about it, is usually pretty absurd. Here we are, mild-mannered professionals, thrashing our bodies around at an aerobics class, twisting and turning to get rock hard abs, all the while sweating our brains out. The good news is that laughing is a great ab workout too! Since we’re in the middle of beach season, let’s take a quick break at work before our next workout to relish in some fitness absurdity.

For all those times when you were the only one who had no idea what to do during exercise class…


Or when you’re trying to motivate yourself, but can only think about food.


But, don’t worry, endorphins make you happy! The pain you’re feeling when you run is totally temporary (probably).


And we’ve all been there when we have a great walking day, but forgot our Fitbit.


We’ve also been here…


…when we were wishing we could be here.


But even when we’re having a tough time staying on track…


…we always need that friend to tell us to stay in the game.



Best of luck to you in the rest of the summer season! Hopefully we helped you burn just a few calories at your desk to get you all warmed up for that class you’re taking right after your last meeting. …right?

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