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Imagine this: you’re at a party, but your phone is about to die. You’re meeting up with this cutie later, and told him you’d text when you’re about to leave. You’re in quite the pickle, now. Finding the potential love of your life depends on whether or not you can find a compatible charger from one of the three party hosts. Unfortunately, their Android chargers won’t work with your iPhone 6 and the only iPhone user who has a charger in her purse is still stuck with an iPhone 4. Disaster. Panic. Regret. Defeat.

Okay, so you’ve probably never been in a situation that dramatically dire, but you’ve definitely asked if anyone had a charger befoer, only to have your hopes dashed when their phone isn’t like your phone. Pretty soon, we may never have to experience that disappointment again. USB Type C is on its way, and it’s going to fix all of our charging compatibility woes.


Today, we all use USB Type B cords, typically the Micro USB Type B. Created by a conglomerate of tech companies (like IBM, Intel and Microsort) as a charging and data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus has made its way into PC’s, Macs, and specifically, Android Phones. Apple notoriously chose to create a proprietary charging and data port in its iPhone line, but has been forced to include at least a few USB ports on its laptops, a testament to USB’s ubiquity. The problem with USB, however, is that there are a lot – and I mean a lot – of different USB types. Here’s photographic proof of the many different USB ports that are still classified as USB Type B:


Needless to say, it’s become a bit of a mess – and that’s not even mentioning the endless frustration Android users feel when trying to put in their charging cable right-side up. Fun fact: even with a 50% chance of getting it right, you’ll get it wrong 80% of the time. And that’s just for one of the USB standards.

USB Type C is reversible, transfers data faster, can quick-charge your phone, and is already in a few select devices, including the Nexus phone line and the new Macbook. What makes USB Type C special is that, unlike USB Type B, there won’t be a million different types. Your phone charger is your Macbook charger is your Android phone charger is your portable speaker charger is your camera charger is your… you get the idea. Created to be future-proof, USB Type C is hoping to become the charging and data transfer port for everything. Imagine a day when you don’t have to go hunting for the port that matches. Instead, every port will work because every port will be USB Type C. Who said the future needs to be confusing?


No one likes buying a million different cords or packing a million different chargers when going on a trip, but you should enjoy picking up your first USB Type C device. When you do, it means that your life is about to become a lot simpler. You know, after you get rid of that laptop, phone and speaker that still use USB Type B or Apple’s Lightening cable.

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