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Because skateboarding is hard and you don’t want to end up as one of those idiots on YouTube face-planting on some gravelly cement after trying to leap over a couple of stairs, Acton has created the Blink-Board, a compact electric skateboard that made its debut at this year’s CES. The Blink-Board is controlled through an iPhone-based system that will save you face (and spare it from bruises) when you’re looking to get your rail grind on.

Modeled like a long board, the Blink-Board’s small frame (it comes in at just 26.5 inches long and 10 pounds) is actually built more like a penny board to make transporting and carrying it a breeze. After all, you’re gonna need to pick it up and dash off in a hurry when you’re caught by the cops for skateboarding where you shouldn’t be. Thankfully, it’s got a strap that will allow you to just throw it over your shoulder and take off with it.

Acton Blink Board

Completely electric based, Blink-Board does come with its own remote controller. But if you just happen to leave that behind, you’re in luck because your iPhone, which you would NEVER leave the house without, can double as a remote and control the Blink-Board by downloading Acton’s app. Simply hop on, open the app and press go to take off! The app will keep track of the skateboard’s battery life, which can support a journey of up to six miles and only takes a couple hours to recharge. If you’re looking for other skateboarders to meet up with, the app will connect you with Blink-Board’s riding community.

Be on the lookout for Blink-Board at the end of January. The retail price is $500, which isn’t bad for an all-electric board. Though, the maximum speed the board will allow is only 12 mph, so if you’re looking to really dart across the streets, Blink-Board might not be for you. However, it does come with some nifty LED accent lights. Let’s face it – lights make everything cooler!


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