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Uber (oober): a prefix, alternatively known as über, meaning to refer to a particular individual or object as outstanding. Its origin is derived from old German—ubar meaning ‘beyond’. And yes, as you may have guessed, the word also shares its identity with a particular ride-sharing service.

The privately held company was created by Travis Kalanick in 2009 and launched in 2010 with its headquarters planted firmly in San Francisco soil. Uber prides themselves as “Everyone’s private driver” with reasonable costs to match while skipping out on the hassle associated with cabs. With Uber residing on everyone’s touchscreen, it’s easy to find a ride anywhere these days.

Nonetheless Uber’s simple ride-share platform is only one piece of this outstanding pie. In fact, they’re transitioning into their prefixed title quite nicely venturing into new territory.

Aside from the few roadblocks Uber has encountered here and there along the path to glory, their diligence and strong network connections are paying off. As success continues to bestow upon them, Uber is endlessly renovating its business infrastructure. Despite their expansion, Kalanick is certain that Uber remains a software service and nothing else… Not buying it? Me neither. Their future plans include developing food and merchant delivery services similar to DoorDash and Google Express.

But what will make Uber’s new services stand out from other leading names? Local. Meaning local take-out and local stores that populate your neighborhood. Catering to smaller “mom-and-pop” businesses as opposed to warehouses. That’s not all; with an exclusive test lab in Pittsburgh, PA the folks at Uber are actively testing out self-driving cars to follow up with Uber’s mission to provide customers with a safe and reliable source of transportation.

And don’t forget about the puppies! Yes, Uber’s puppy delivery is back and this time its touring Canada. If you remember, Uber’s Puppies on Demand service graced ten special cities in the states back in January. It’s only fair Canada gets a turn too.

With big names like Google Ventures, First Round, and Benchmark supporting the multi-billion dollar company, investors are anticipating Uber’s IPO. It seems inevitable and the next best step in their aggressive business plan. But not without a CFO—which surprisingly is just about the only thing lacking from Uber’s inventory.

Brent Callinicos stepped down as CFO in March, was his decision a strategic move on the company to pull back from the limelight? Do they need more time to develop a long-term fiscal plan to attract more investors? Maybe, in my opinion, they already have enough money. As months fly by and 2015 get shorter and shorter, many are left wondering which new company will get its IPO. After all when a company goes public that entails a lucrative blueprint for the future—a “bigger picture” worthy of appeasing investors and customers alike.

So many questions and so little time, its as if all this suspense and hype was intentional. Uber’s way of playing with our emotions, having us impatiently wait before pazazzing us with all their new tricks and gadgets, eclipsing any competition that comes in their way, and getting that IPO simultaneously with or without a CFO. That’s a lot to digest, but definitely sounds like the Uber way. Whatever the future may bring, this high-profile company is definitely one to watch for in the coming months as they continue to rival competing ride-share service and exceed expectations.

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