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In most cases, drones are only as good as the pilots flying them. Not in the case of the Typhoon H, a drone created by aircraft maker Yuneec that harnesses Intel’s RealSense Technology to create 3D maps of flight patterns that enable the drone to autonomously avoid obstacles. Following a much-buzzed debut at CES, Yuneec is finally making the Typhoon H available for preorder. Those who maybe don’t have as delicate a touch, or who worry about crashing their expensive piece of equipment into trees, fiinally have a saving grace.

The Typhoon H is a hexacopter that’s equipped with a swiveling 4K camera and folding landing gear. Of course, the big selling point is the Intel developed technology onboard that enables it to sense and avoid any obstacles in its path. With Intel’s RealSense Technology, Typhoon H is the first, official drone to boast a comprehensive, all-seeing solution for obstacle avoidance. Utilizing the Intel RealSense R200 camera and a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Typhoon H can map and create a 3D model of its surrounding environment in order to pick the path of least resistance. This technology is much more effective than sonic sensors, which drones like the Phantom 4 claim makes them adept at avoiding obstacles.

By being able to recognize any and every obstacle in its path, Typhoon H will map out alternative routes that ensure smooth flying. The drone even has great retention abilities – once it identifies an obstacle, it will remember its location and steer safely clear from it during any future flights. On top of the Intel technology, Typhoon H boasts autonomous flight modes that enable the drone to geo-fence, circle points of interest and return to its point of origin. With a price tag of $1,899, it’s definitely not the cheapest consumer drone on the market, but it’s a wise investment for those worried about preserving these rather fragile and accident-prone aircrafts.

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