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It’s a dog eat dog world out there for social media platforms trying to remain relevant and hip when newer, fresher things are stealing away our limited attention spans. In 2015, drones were hot. Twitter was decidedly not, as the company dealt with numerous set backs, lower earnings and some unfavorable public sentiments. So in efforts to get people to take a second look at the social media network, Twitter has been trying for months to revamp its functionality to be more approachable and easier to use. In order to court even greater public favor, it looks like Twitter is turning to the drone’s popularity to win people over.

CNBC reports the company has filed a patent for something with a complex name called the “Messaging-Enabled Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.” Essentially, it’s fancy technical talk for a drone. Twitter’s patented drone is directly connected to the Internet and features a camera that can instantly share photos to the service and can actually be controlled by tweeters tweeting up a tweet storm.

Twitter drone illustration

An illustration included with the patent shows a model that very closely resembles a DJI Phantom camera drone, with another highlighting how the drone is loaded with a camera, controller, transmitter and receiver. These components will allow users to control and engage with the drone remotely through their Twitter accounts, including shooting photos and videos and immediately being able to upload them onto the 140-character social media service.

With the recent woes Twitter has suffered as it tries vigilantly to expand its active user base and draw in new users with streamlined and simplified features, launching a drone service that can be controlled through the network might be enough of an incentive to get people interested and buzzing about it again. And since drones are flying off the shelves like hotcakes these days, it might help solve their decreasing profits too. All in all, it’s looking like Twitter is turning to drones to help usher in a resurgence for the faltering company.

Twitter drone

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