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These days, it seems like Twitter is trying to get its little wings into a bunch of different nests. To ring in 2016, Twitter has invested in startup Muzik, maker of high-end, wireless headphones. Muzik is the latest in a long string of companies Twitter’s venture department has invested money in, but marks their first foray into the hardware realm.

Because of Muzik’s highly connected headphones, Twitter’s investment in the startup is more reasonable and beneficial than at first glance. Muzik’s headphones enable wearers t0 share songs they’re listening to on social media since they’re wirelessly connected to the Internet. Because of Twitter’s investment, you can bet Twitter will be the go-to social platform that Muzik supports and integrates for its social sharing features. In fact, Muzik has a ripe position as part of Twitter’s upcoming CES panel.

The buttons that enable wireless sharing of songs also give wearers the ability to control the shuffling of songs and volume settings. Expected in May, Muzik’s first set of headphones will hit the market in May and cost $300. Twitter hopes to set up Muzik as a luxury brand of headphones, setting it in square competition with Apple’s Beats headphones.

It’s hard to fault Twitter for trying to build out its brand with a lifestyle tech product as a means of garnering more users to its social platform, something the company has been working at earnestly over the past year by streamlining their service for ease of use. Meanwhile, Twitter says that music is the most discussed topic on the 140 character social site. By zeroing in on what gets most people tweeting and partnering with a startup to create a product that seamlessly integrates both, Twitter is heading into 2016 betting on music to turn some much needed profits and public favorability.

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