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The pop art movement, pioneered by artists including Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, is chock-full of extreme contrast and lively, vibrant colors. While you may not have access to silkscreening materials or have the know-how to create this type of art print, a similar style can easily be recreated in just a few minutes using your photographs and Photoshop. Continue reading the tutorial below to whip up super rad Lichtenstein-Warhol hybrid art images of your very own!

First off, if your photo is in color, go ahead and desaturate it by going to Image > Adjustments > Black & White. To make the contrast even more pronounced, auto tone the image by going to Image > Auto Tone.


Now, you’re going to want to select the subject of your image to separate it from the background. Click on the Quick Selection Tool and drag it around the inside of the subject until the selection looks good to go.



Make sure your background color is set to be white, then invert your selection and hit Command+Delete to erase the background.


Make a copy of this layer, then reselect your subject. Go to Filter > Filter Gallery and choose Halftone Pattern.


Play with the Size and Contrast sliders until you get the results you’re looking for, as the numbers are dependent on the image you’re using, then hit OK.


Now, go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen to make your image even more graphic.


Set the Amount to 500, the Radius to 1.0, Reduce Noise to 0, and select Remove: Gaussian Blur.


To add color to your image, create a new layer by hitting the button circled in red, then drag it between your background and top layer.


Choose a bright, vibrant color from the color picker and use the paint bucket tool to fill the background in.


Choose whichever colors you’d like and color the rest of your image in pop art style. Your colors don’t have to be in the lines by any means, as this would just further replicate the silkscreened look.


And there you have it! Now get out there and get poppin’.


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