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Businesses obsess day and night about making things smaller and more powerful. Truebuds is a startup bringing that philosophy to headphones. Through their fresh design principle, the group is out to change the way you listen to your favorite tunes.


Everything Your Headphones Can’t Do

Truebuds is the best alternative to clunky, messy headphones. Coined as the world’s smallest in-ear listening device, the audio accessory weighs in at just eight grams (per bud). The buds are also sweat proof, dust resistant and IP 53 water resistant. The durability features of the buds lets you keep them on while transitioning between different daily activities.

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Under the tiny hood, you’ll find a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Button Cell. A full charge lasts up to six hours. Reviving the gadget is an oval charging case that doubles as a dock when you’re not using it. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to get another six hours of listening power. Combining both parts, the unit delivers 18 hours of playback.

Aesthetically, the pair comes in a metallic shell with shiny black accents. The standard colors match with most everyday attires and lifestyles. “The metallic finish gives them a cool, futuristic loo, so people will be asking you where you got those cool earbuds,” mentioned the company on its Indiegogo page.


What About Wires?

Some rely on wires to find their way back to their precious earbuds when they fallout, while others are quick to jump on the wireless bandwagon. Yes, people are actually split into Team Wires vs. Team Wireless.  A life without wires seems like a great one, that is until your headphones pop out while jogging over a bridge leaving you screwed.

To prevent such a travesty from happening, Truebuds is equipped with Budlock technology. This feature helps the device grip the inside of your ears without weird hooks, so you could take the pair with you on a bike ride to the office or on a rooftop for a coffee break.

Easy connectivity options include Bluetooth, which allows you to find your handheld device seamlessly, as long as you’re within the general range of around 30 feet. It works on both iOS and Android units, and any music player app. When talking on the phone, the buds serve as a listening tool. There isn’t a built-in microphone in the device, but you can still talk into the one on the phone.


Ordering Information

You can grab a pair of Truebuds from the company’s Indiegogo page. Each order comes with the earbuds, a small charging case and Budlocks. Normally priced at $199, you can get one directly from the campaign for $155. There are also packages available for couples, groups and distributors. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. Early adopters should expect to receive the gadget by March 2016. A 12-month warranty ensures you’re well covered for any manufacturing defects.

“Truebuds are a revolutionary accessory that have a proven market demand, as demonstrated by our success on Kickstarter,” said Eric Tsoi, Truebuds co-founder, in a press release. “We have this amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further reach and listen to our backers, and we are excited to continue our growth on Indiegogo InDemand.”

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