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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice FINALLY arrived in theatres this past weekend, garnering the 7th biggest opening of all time for a movie, and dividing critics and audiences into two passionate, dueling camps, almost like the titular heroes. The consensus is that you either love or hate this movie, and opinions on both ends are extreme. One thing that can’t be argued though is the all-around effective marketing campaign for the film, which continues thanks to a new feature that allows people to tour the Batcave and Bruce Wayne’s big fat mansion in virtual reality, all thanks to Google Maps.

Batman fanatics can actually pull up Google Maps and find Bruce Wayne’s residence, thanks to Warner Bros. and DC Comics going the extra mile and a half to peddle their epic superhero vs. superhero brawl down our throats. Wayne Manor has officially been embedded into Google Maps, providing the curious with a 360-degree view of the lavish, expansive mansion that can also be experienced in virtual reality. For those of you scratching your heads as to how this can be, since, you know, Gotham City is a fictional place, spare your scalp. On Google Maps, Wayne Manor is located out in the middle of nowhere in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan where much of the film’s shooting took place.

Wayne Manor Google Maps

Once you’re done stalking a pretend mansion, you can go ahead and immerse yourself inside its walls, getting a tour of the dour and gothic interior. All the walls in the manor are made of glass (better to see through them, but such a safety hazard) and, don’t hold your breath, but there’s a black void you can uncover that is actually a tunnel leading into…dun dun dun…the Batcave! That’s right, Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne is Batman! This is obviously the environment most people will want to explore in virtual reality, and it doesn’t disappoint, especially if you’re a fan of the film.

Following the dimly lit and dank tunnel into the Batcave will reveal the Batman v Superman version of the epic superhero lair, complete with the Batmobile that appears in the film/is a punching bag for Superman in their epic showdown. This recreation of the Batcave spares no expense on details from the movie, choosing to include (mild spoiler alert for the movie ahead) the expansive console used by Alfred in the film to aid Batman on his quests and even the Robin suit that has been tagged with graffiti by the Joker that the Dark Knight keeps around as an ultimate reminder of his mission as Batman. You may not be able to become Batman, but this is arguably the next best thing.

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