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It’s no secret that Topshop is betting big on wearables – in fact, the British retailer is so enamored with wearable technology and making it translate into fashionable and stylish accessories that people will actually want to wear that they’ve released their second wave of contactless payment wearables in UK retailers and online. Known as the bPay collection, this line of accessories is a direct rival to other contactless payment methods, such as Apple Pay, in the UK. Thanks to a bPay NFC chip, these accessories can hold your credit card information and be tapped wherever contactless payment is accepted, no mess, no stress.

Topshop bpay wearables

This new wave of bPay contactless payment wearables includes six accessories: two bracelets, two phone cases and two robot key-ring figurines. Each of the products boasts either a clean, modernized metallic appearance or a chic, rustic snakeskin appearance. These are a more subdued line of bPay wearables than the first, which was dubbed the Monster Fish series and boasted outlandishly bright colors and designs. With the new line, Topshop is going the more “luxe” route and is marketing these wearable accessories as a premium collection. The new line of bPay wearables are priced between $35-$45, making them a steal compared to most other consumer wearables as well.

Topshop bpay wearables

As opposed to other contactless payment wearable manufacturers, Topshop’s vision seems to be to create design-forward and inherently wearable accessories first, then incorporating advanced features, rather than the opposite approach. This practice undoubtedly puts Topshop miles above most other manufacturers in terms of aesthetic and wearable design. An accessory that looks good enough to buy outright with the added bonus of being able to pay for things wirelessly is the type of fashion-conscious thinking that could make wearables translate to a wider consumer base. With style, functionality and an affordable price tag, Topshop may be on the verge of shattering the divide between techies and everyday adopters of wearables.

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