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Want to turn your lonely bike into a work of art? Check out our top five picks of modern, visually-inspiring bike racks below.

Pedal Pod bike mount

  1. Pedal Pod

This handmade beauty doubles as a shelf. Made by Tamasine Osher Design, the entire rack is composed of solid oak. There’s enough space in the square compartments to hold books, coats or small collectibles. The smooth walnut tone matches soft living spaces and storage areas. When your bike isn’t hanging on the unit, the hook can serve as a holder for plants. Delivery times usually takes around two weeks, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

birdhouse bike rack

  1. Bike Rack Birdhouse from Dimini

As the name of the piece suggests, the Dimini bike rack is a standard, wooden apparatus with a birdhouse in the middle. The whimsical design will leave you smiling every time you pass by it. Housing a few domesticated birds at the center of the rack would really tie the whole piece together. But in case you don’t have any pet birds, the tiny house has enough space for a bike helmet.

There is also a stick protruding from the center, which would be perfect for coats, necklaces or light items you may want to leave hanging around. The bike mounts under the birdhouse through a built-in hook. Having one of these around a kid’s room would save a lot of space.

bike mount dual

  1. Michelangelo

Are you looking for a dual bike mount? The Michaelangelo has you covered. This bike rack is made for two full-sized bikes. It applies light gravity technology, which means you won’t have to ruin your wall with unnecessary drilling. To install the piece, simply rest it against the wall. Gravity will ensure the rack doesn’t fall on you while you’re taking a nap on the couch. The mount also works with just one bike, in case the other is being used. Assembly is easy and only takes two people to complete.

circular bike mount

  1. Cycloc Solo

Most effective mounts use simple mechanisms to keep the bike stable. The Cycloc Solo provides optimal support using opposing circular forces. Bikes on the piece are protected through a rubber lining. For additional storage, you can place small objects inside the center compartment area. This is also the only accessory on the list that offers versatile horizontal or vertical mounting. Lastly, the company gets bonus points for using eco-friendly, recycled plastic.

minimal bike mount

  1. Tern Perch

The Tern Perch is a very sturdy rack with sleek and minimal properties. Depending on where you’re looking, the bike looks like it’s floating in the air. There are no latches, straps or adhesives on the piece. A rubberized mechanism securely keeps your bicycle in place. Slots found under the apparatus allow you to clip on helmets or hang articles of clothing.

“As cycling takes root in the urban lifestyle, intelligent bike storage solutions are increasingly important,” said Dwight Jurling, Director Global Marketing at Tern. “The Perch saves space and gets your bike out of the hallway — a big help for people who don’t have garages and live in small apartments.”

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