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Leave your smartphones at home. Today’s action filmmakers rely on hardcore gear that can withstand harsh weather, rough handling and hours of intense shooting. That’s why we’ve compiled a handful of tried-and-tested tools of the trade that will help you take your action shots to extreme levels.


  1. GoPro Hero+ Wi-Fi Camera

First up, you’ll need a sturdy action camera. Lucky for you, GoPro just released the new Hero+ Wi-Fi. The latest addition to the brand’s line shoots with a quality of 1080p and 720p at 60 frames per second (eight megapixels for photos and time-lapse footage). Waterproof housing ensures the robust camera keeps rolling in depths as low as 40m. Even newer and half the size of the GoPro Hero4 is the GoPro Hero4 Session that’s water proof up to 33’ with no additional housing and can capturing 8mp stills and Full HD video at 60 FPS.

Priced at $200, this entry-level shooter is both affordable and reliable.


  1. Aeon Camera Stabilizer

Shooting while moving is difficult, especially with shaky arms and hands. The Aeon GoPro stabilizer is the perfect solution to this problem. It boasts unwavering support using three axis motors. A small joystick lets you control your shots, while a circular LCD screen above it provides real-time viewing. Battery life lasts for five hours on a single charge and you can monitor your power usage from the handle. The device is compatible with HERO3 and HERO4 models.


  1. Knog Qudos

When the sun goes down, most action filmmakers head to the editing studio, leaving you and your crew with plenty of space to get some real shooting done. For nighttime shots, the Knog Qudos is the only set of lights that can keep your footage clear as day. It works on GoPros, tripods and digital cameras. There are six settings to choose from, depending on your lighting needs. You can drop it on concrete or soak it in water up to 40m – basically, the Knog can handle just about anything that’s thrown at it.  Weighing in at a lithe 150g, you might even forget that it’s there.


  1. PowerGrip H2O

The PowerGrip H2O is the most badass selfie stick you can get your hands on. Under the most compromising conditions, like when you’re fending off sharks in the middle of the ocean, it pushes power to your action camera. Sure, you could shoot selfies with it using the extendable arm feature, but the pole does so much more. Like the Knog, it’s also equipped with bright LED lights.


  1. Lowepro ViewPoint Series

Most of the bags and holders that come with your gear lack extra space for other accessories. Companies simply don’t want you to mix their goodies with other gadgets they could be competing with – fair enough. But for filmmakers, this is a problem. You need a bag with the right combination of straps and compartments.

Enter the ViewPoint Series, a set of bags designed for outdoor videographers. There are compartments for every type of equipment to ensure nothing gets tangled or smashed while traveling.

“We understand the unique carrying needs of action photographers; they require flexible solutions that look beyond the camera and allow them to pack action gear such as skateboards, trekking poles or other equipment,” said Tim Grimmer, vice president of brand and product at Lowepro.

With these gadgets, you’ll be filming your next, great action movie in no time!

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