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Mini drones are a great way to enter the rapidly evolving UAV community. In the film industry, such machines are essential for capturing unique footage.


Aerial Filming Trends

Autonomous shooting is the future and there’s no reason to play hard-to-get with the technology.

Handheld quadcopters have become increasingly affordable (some cost as low as $100) in the past five years. A small, powerful UAV can easily replace thousands of dollars worth of recording equipment. This allows you to get the shots you want without having to worry about going over your budget.

Compact drones have several advantages over standard-sized UAVs. They can navigate around tight spaces, making the units perfect for discreet shooting at indoor venues. For travelers, small quadcopters are easy to transport (they don’t take up much space and are incredibly light). This is a huge plus when filming on multiple sets.

Now that you’re ready to pick up your first mini drone, check out our top three recommendations for a complete aerial recording experience.

Best Mini UAVs to Kick Start Your Drone Hobby


1. Code Black Drone

The Code Black Drone is ideal for experts and beginners. It features a six-axis flight system for robust control. With a range of over 100 feet and seven minutes of flight time, you have plenty of room for stunts and fancy maneuvers. It also flips in four different directions- left, right, forward and backward. The dual-joystick remote is easy to use out of the box.

When it comes to quality recording, you can use the tiny UAV to capture two-megapixel, 720p videos. An optional Crash Pack offers instant replacements for basic parts, including motors and blades.


2. Micro Drone 3.0

For extreme UAV action, the Micro Drone 3.0 is the way to go. The quadcopter is possibly the most stable drone in its category. It can fly upside down, bounce on walls and fly in windy conditions up to 45 mph. Users have the option to control the unit via remote or official app (iOS and Android). Social extensions allow you to share and stream your aerial expeditions directly from the mobile platform.

“The Extreme Flyer’s new drone is the first of its size to feature a user-controlled gimbal equipped with tiny servo motors that will let pilots control the angle of the camera attached to Drone 3.0’s belly,” said Lance Ulanoff from Mashable.

The company just completed a successful Indiegogo campaign to boost its manufacturing efforts for the small machine.


3. Parrot Bebop Drone

If video quality is your top priority, try the Parrot Bebop Drone. The quadcopter is equipped with a powerful 14-megapixel camera. To get the most out of the flying device, one should also pick up the Skycontroller. The fully functional remote offers touchscreen guidance and extended range through a responsive Wi-Fi antenna. Basic app controls and push-button aerial tricks are also available through the smartphone panel.

Compared to the two drones above, the Bebop specializes in indoor environments, such as conferences and expos. You can attach an extra shell to protect the blades during flight.

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