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Aerial photography has always maintained a sense of majesty – achieving a bird’s eye perspective that, no matter how many times you see it, never ceases to amaze. Drone photography has taken off for this reason. Capturing images from the skies is now completely accessible and photographers and videographers are venturing out to to find that one spot that will allow a truly beautiful photograph. We’ve scouted a few locations across the U.S. that will take your breath away!

10. The Horseshoe of the Colorado River, Arizona

A truly eye grabbing location for an aerial image. The water naturally bends around the rock formation allowing an awesome landscape shot!

9. The Maroon Bells, Colorado

This is an awesome location to start your drone off low and have it climb altitude to reveal more of the valley and wide mountain range. The possibilities of drone shots here are endless!

8. Waipio Valley, Hawaii

Don’t forget to venture deep into the valley to capture the stunning waterfall. An orbiting shot around the edges of the waterfall will truly create a cinematic feel with lush greenery engulfing the sides of the pouring water.

7. Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

With the morning or sunset light illuminated the skies, this will be an excellent orbit shot for a drone equipped with autonomous flights. Just circle around the lighthouse and be amazed!

6. Lake Taneycomo, Missouri

Photo via Explore Branson

If you are up to it, keep your drone relatively close to the riverbed and follow the water through the endless amount of green trees. Especially during fall when the trees are different shades of yellow, orange, and red!

5. Pine Creek Gorge, Pennslyvania

Peering through this overlook or even slowly flying through this opening will lead to a hulking rock formation littered with trees and bushes. The natural reddish tone of the rock and jagged edges will definitely grab some attention.

4. The Rock of Gibraltar, Wisconsin

The Rock of Gibraltar gives you numerous angles to shoot from. Ideally when once face of the rock is lit, the drone will be able to capture some riveting footage while also showcasing the shadows on the backside of the rock.

3. Mt. McKinley (or Denali), Alaska

Take your drone up high to fully encapsulate the vast mountain range of McKinley. Make sure you have a polarizer to limit the amount of glare coming off the snow!

2. The Hawk’s Nest Bridge, West Virginia

With the river spitting the valley in two, make use of the bridge that spans across the water. Wait for dawn or dusk and be ready to be blown away with natures hues of yellow and orange reflecting off the water.

1.Thor’s Hammer, Utah

If you need a drone to shoot these majestic sites, check out Lumoid’s vast array of highly capable and reliable drones. With additions like the 20MP DJI Phantom 4 Pro and the super compact DJI Mavic Pro, these top 10 sites are asking you to photograph them!

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