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There’s a common complaint among non-wearable fanatics when it comes to smartwatches. The reality is, most of them just don’t look that good. Let’s be real, no one wants to rock an ugly band around their wrist just because it can read emails for you. TokyoFlash gets your pain and is set on bringing some flash and flair to the smartwatch market with their fashion forward designs.

In fact, they come right out with it in their mission statement – TokyoFlash designs wearable pieces of art. “Our watches are what we like to call ‘Unique Product Design,’ where design is the main point, not function. After all, if it looks good you want to buy it,” their website states. Not to say that their watches don’t work. You can still tell time on these bad boys like any regular watch, but like an exotic sports car or a blinding Tiffany’s ring, sometimes you want to splurge for top-notch quality and eye-popping design over sheer practicality.

Take their LED Blade Wood Link watch. It has all the functionality you’d expect from a smartwatch but with a beautiful wood design and façade that is definitely more aesthetically pleasing than anything Apple offers. What’s even more revelatory about most of TokyoFlash’s designs and watches is that the added effort to make some truly attractive and appealing designs, from casual to crazy futuristic, comes at no greater cost to consumers. In fact, most of these watches are well below the price tag of the Apple Watch to even begin with.

TokyoFlash doesn’t just stop at smartwatches that you can wrap around your wrist. The company also has a dope line of pocket watches for the extra sophisticated of you out there who want a more teched out option, as well as Bluetooth bracelets for those who maybe already like their watch but still want all the cool options a smartwatch provides in another piece of fashionable and wearable jewelry.

Whether you’re looking for something more clean, polished and classic, or are in the market for something truly futuristic looking like it just came out of a sci-fi movie, TokyoFlash has an inventory of smartwatches that appeal to all tastes. And with most models coming in between $100-$200, you’re truly going to get your money’s worth with a good-looking smartwatch with all the nifty digital accouterments to boot.

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