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“Dwelling with the spirit of freedom” – this tagline, exclusively for Ecocapsules, truly fits the idea behind the multi-purpose mobile house perfectly. According to the Ecocapsule website, this solar and wind powered unit offers a real off the grid experience and with its worldwide portability, it’s suitable for a wide range of uses from: a tiny eco-home, research station, or tourist lodge to emergency housing or humanitarian-action unit.

 1625476_1853111774913247_6649818299738089621_n    Photo: Ecocapsule/Facebook

Designed by the Slovakia-based firm Nice Architects, the Ecocapsule claims anyone can live off the grid for up to a year. Outside each unit, you’ll find a retractable 750W wind-turbine, solar panels, and special modifications that collect rainwater. The eco-pod also includes a high-capacity battery to ensure you’ll have enough power during reduced periods of sun or wind activity.

11150909_1856014881289603_4162340411339729218_nPhoto: Ecocapsule/Facebook – Igor Zacek (Partner/Architect of Nice Architects) inside the capsule

Inside the egg-shaped dwelling, you’ll find a kitchenette with running water, a flushing toilet, and hot shower. The Ecocapsule sleeps two, provides 8 square meters of living space and the interior comes in different finishes.

nice-architects-ecocapsule-low-energy-off-grid-house-designboom-05Photo: Ecocapsule – another inside finish

However, initially designing the unit to incorporate these necessary amenities wasn’t easy. In a recent interview, Tomas Zacek, Sona Pohlova, and Igor Zacek of Nice Architects stated that their team’s biggest challenge was integrating the different technologies into the small body of the pod and still have some space left for people. However, according to the company’s mission statement – anything is possible:

 “While we strive to push the limits of architecture as far as possible, our projects are always driven by the “Love and Logic” motto – create out of love and never make something that does not make sense. We love to produce surprising ideas, optimistic visions, life-full strategies, and innovative projects in architecture and related fields. We combine beauty, functionality, and humanity into one complex entity.”

self-sustaining-house-ecocapsule-nice-architects-slovakia-5 Photo:

How do you transport the eco-pod? According to, an Ecocapsule can fit into a shipping container for overseas travel, locally towed on a trailer, or even airlifted. With the capsule in tow you can exceed the normal range of an electric car, stay somewhere for the night, and charge 1/4 quarter of the battery. This is enough to reach the nearest supercharger. Imagine pulling into a campsite this summer with this eco-pod in tow?

CF-H8_iXIAEbz6Y.jpg-largePhoto: Ecocapsule/Twitter

Interested in buying one? The Ecocapsule becomes available for pre-order at the end of 2015, with delivery expected the first half of 2016. For more information, you can also connect with the company via facebook and twitter.


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