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Tim Cook may be the head of one of the most powerful companies in the world, but boy, does he sure suck as a photographer – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But when the product that has all but come to symbolize a company is used to less than underwhelming effect by said company’s CEO, it creates a tasty moment of schadenfreude that today’s Internet commenters couldn’t help but take a bite out of.

Attending Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, CA this past Sunday, Cook did what thousands of other fans attending football’s biggest game did – whipped out his smartphone to capture and document the event in attempts to rub it in everyone else’s faces preserve the game’s great moments as memories. Only Cook, who was obviously boasting his company’s iPhone 6, chose to post a decidedly mediocre photo from the actual Super Bowl field to Twitter. The shoddy, blurry photo is not the type of photo one would think the CEO of Apple would want to represent the camera capabilities of their latest smartphone model, which is supposed to be equipped with the most advanced camera of any smartphone on the market.

True to form, social media users who love to take shots at Apple, and others who just couldn’t resist the hilarious irony of Tim Cook using his own product to post a pretty shitty photo, began to troll the CEO on Twitter and blast the iPhone 6’s camera. Cook has since deleted the tweet and replaced it with another tweet accompanied by a much better photo. Still, this is the Internet, and savvy users were quick to screenshot the original tweet and photo, which will no doubt live on in epic iPhone photography fails for the rest of time.

Some of the best social media responses to Cook’s photo gaffe had users recreating Apple’s iPhone 6 promotional campaign centered around the phone’s camera by superimposing Cook’s blurry photo onto billboard ads. The actual ads showcase some pretty stunning images blown up to massive effect taken by people around the world using just the iPhone 6 with only the words “Shot on the iPhone 6” accompanying the images. Obviously, none of this will dent the popularity or sales of the iPhone, but it’s nevertheless a comic mishap that proves maybe Mr. Cook should stick to the boardroom and let the marketing gurus over at Apple handle all further promotion from here on out.

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