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Stress and overwhelming exhaustion are unavoidable for most adults. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or prescription meds, individuals may soon be strapping on the Thync wearable.

“Today’s fast-paced life requires us to switch situations and change mindsets at increasing speed. Thync helps people find calm and focus throughout your day,” said Jamie Tyler, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Thync.

“Thync is the result of groundbreaking research at some of the best academic institutions, combined with cutting-edge engineering that leverages patented algorithms. This has culminated in today’s launch of a device that, for the first time, lets you safely tap into the power of your own mind.”


Generate Positive Vibes Safely and Discreetly

Thync is a mood-altering device that uses electrical pulses to send waveforms directly to the brain. For now, the company takes a secretive stand on the mechanics of the product.

When James Trew from Engadget visited Thync headquarters to test the device, a representative explained “by delivering neurosignaling waveforms to the brain along known neural pathways, you have an ability to tune the balance of brain activity between relaxation and arousal or attention circuits.”

The wearable is a long, triangular strip that sticks comfortably on your head. Individuals are required to dispose the thin pads after 3-4 uses to maintain the quality of each session.

To control the device, one must activate the strip using the Thync app. The interface of the control panel is straightforward. Simply choose one of the preset options, crank the dialer and wait for the good vibes to lift your mood. A small timer at the center of the screen will let you know when the session is over.

Thync official app

Calm and Energy Vibes

The startup plans to launch two types of strips. Calm Vibe is designed to make the user feel relaxed. There are three options that come with the choice. Ease offers a quick session that lasts for five minutes, which is ideal for stressful situations. Unwind provides 10 minutes of de-stressing, perfect for the afternoon. Lastly, Rest is a 20-minute program for those who have trouble sleeping at night.

Energy Vibe includes the same three-level tier configuration, only with opposite effects: Boost, Alert and Go. The strongest option provides enough energy for an engaging physical workout.

For those who are unsure about the product, there are numerous studies and papers on the technology powering the device. “The potential impact of our findings becomes rather evident when we study how the ability to decrease stress on demand affects people in more natural contexts – in their everyday life at home or work,” highlighted Sumon Pal, Ph.D. neuroscientist and Executive Director of Thync.

Thync System product

Availability and Ordering Information

Thync is accepting pre-orders on the website. Shipping will start in June 2015. For the full mood-enhancing experience, one should try the Thync System for $299. The package includes both Calm and Energy strips, as well as the main module. Extra strips start at $19.99 for a pack of five. The Thync app runs on iOS 8 handheld devices (iPhone/iPod). An Android version is currently being developed.

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