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There are certain things that you can always count on in life. These inevitable stalwarts ground a spontaneous existence with a sprinkle of expectation. Death and taxes are the two main ones, but I’d like to lobby for a third: the new workout fad. Doesn’t it seem like every six months we can come to expect some new, never before heard exercise routine spring up from nothing and capture the populace by storm as the be-all-and-end-all of health and fitness? The key thing about these is that they are just fads – they’ll get their annoying moment in the spotlight, but will nevertheless fade into obscurity.

Meanwhile, there are workouts that have been around for ages and that millions of people rely on because they yield results. What more could you ask for from a workout? However, just because they’re effective and stood the test of time doesn’t mean they can’t be tweaked or enhanced for greater results. This is where wearables come in. With the latest tech being worn somewhere on your body, you can take that boring workout routine and improve it ten-fold with the right wearable guiding you. Below is a list of three popular, basic workouts that can be taken to the next level with a specific wearable boosting your performance.


Fitbit Blaze

Cardio – you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of where you fall, there’s no denying how great a cardio workout like running, biking or the elliptical can be on pretty much every part of your body. Long before P90X, parkour or aerial aerobics promised the ultimate workout, simply running or engaging in physical activity that required no equipment or fancy positioning kept people fit for many a year. While machines like the elliptical or the bike helped bring cardio up a notch, you can boost it even more with the new Fitbit Blaze.

The Fitbit Blaze is specifically designed for the casual exerciser who does some cardio routine a few times a week. Differentiating itself from a regular Fitbit fitness tracker, the Blaze comes equipped with a touchscreen that centers around a fitness startup the company purchased – FitStar – that has built-in videos, routines and tracking metrics to enhance and monitor your performance on a multitude of cardio activities, including running, biking and whatever you call the action you do on an elliptical.


Nadi fitness tights

Yoga is one of those exercises that pretty much everyone can agree on. By working your entire body, with nothing more than concentration, flexibility and a mat, yoga will get you sweaty and super fit in no time. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the ability to twist and contort our bodies into pretzels in order to get the maximum burn out of a yoga workout. That is where Nadi fitness tights come in!

Nadi are wearable lifestyle and fitness tights that incorporate technology to improve flow and flexibility, and boost a wearer’s workout utilizing smartphone technology and haptic vibrations. These wearable (in every sense of the term) tights emit pulses of varying intensity and frequency to turn the wearer’s own skin into a technological interface that course corrects posture and form to perfect one’s flexibility and technique – perfect for yoga!


Hyksos boxing wearable

If you’re anything like me and find simple cardio tasks like running or the bendy stretching nonsense of yoga to be mind-numbingly boring and insufferable, it can be hard to find a workout that engages you mentally and keeps you coming back. Active workouts that make you feel like you’re doing something and that you can have some modicum of fun doing, like boxing, can be lifesavers then. Not only do these keep you active and your energy up, but punching or kicking a bag/person can do wonders for your stress and frustration levels.

Hyksos is a wearable designed for those scrappy people. The wearables slide into your hand wraps and have built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers to measure punch count, speed, movement and the intensity of your strike. An app will then process this data and track your boxing development over time, even comparing your performance against those of professional fighters. What could motivate you more than trying to get your punch to land as hard as one from Ronda Rousey?

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