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For the photographer on the go, there’s no more a convenient or powerful device than probably what’s already in their – and most everyone’s – pocket: a smartphone. This is because a smartphone can accomplish all the basic facets of the process, including capturing an image, editing that image to polish it up and then posting and distributing the final product. The fact that all of this can be done on one device is truly remarkable, and just goes to show how far we’ve come. While it’s obvious to most that you can take photos on your phone thanks to built-in cameras and post those thanks to an abundance of social sharing apps, what most forget is how easy and effective it is to edit photos on your phone. Below are three apps that offer the highest quality editing tools for instant photo editing on your phone.


VSCO is packed with a wealth of features and quality photo processing tech, arming smartphone users and photographers with an array of editing functions and capabilities. Like Instagram, the app has tons of filters you can apply to your photos to warp their aesthetic. These filters and presets can be tweaked with a precision slider in order to truly establish the look and feel you want your photos to exude. As for the editing features, VSCO’s selection rivals Photoshop’s app. Settings include saturation, contrast, exposure, shadows, temperature, tint, cropping and rotating tools. The app is especially adept at sharpening and color grading.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a great app to pull up in order to initiate the editing process on your phone. Their useful Content Aware Healing feature helps you remove unwanted irregularities and distractions in your photo that can end up making a huge difference in your image’s composition. After you’re done polishing your photo with this tool, you can change settings like brightness, ambiance, shadows and contrast using the Tune Image tool. There’s even a Selective Adjust feature that lets you brighten or darken certain areas in your images to highlight different aspects of the photo.

3. LensLight

If you’re really looking to bring some next level visual effects to your images, then LensLight is the editing app for you. Focused primarily on lighting, LensLight will take your photos to infinity and beyond. You can add a wide selection of interactive lighting effects to your images, including lens flares, rainbow effects, light leaks and spotlights. Powered by an Optics Engine, LensLight can render the lights in real time, enabling users to move effects around like a camera lens to add captivating glares, streaks and edges to your photos. LensLight is the perfect editing app to add a little flair to your image.

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