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Food poisoning is one of the roughest ordeals known to man. After falling victim to such devastating events, every meal can sometimes feel like a risky round of Russian Roulette.

The problem is, your senses aren’t strong enough to detect microscopic wildlife lurking in last night’s pizza that you’ve had your eye on all morning. To protect yourself from being featured on Monsters Inside Me, you need the Food Sniffer.

The revolutionary device is a powerful, electronic nose that detects deadly bacteria, including odorless ones. With an accuracy rate of 80-95 percent, you can be more confident about eating unsafe meat with looming expiration dates.

“Having suffered through the horrible experience of food poisoning myself, I decided to create a device that would help families quickly and easily check the freshness and quality of food,” said creator Augustas Alesiunas during an interview with The Daily Mail.


Just Point and Sniff

The life-saving gadget functions like a barcode scanner. First, point the small machine at the item from a manageable distance. Then, select the type of meat (beef, pork, chicken or fish) from the app and initiate the scan. The device is sensitive to harmful organic compounds commonly found in rotting produce. Algorithms powering the unit are applied to the sample, and the data is transmitted to the app (compatible with iOS and Android devices).

Contact with the questionable item is not required while scanning. Pressing the sensor on the subject is not recommended, as it could damage the device and render inconsistent results.

Depending on the condition of the food, the following information will appear on the screen: Fresh, Cook Well and Spoiled. For now, the scanner cannot function alone, and requires the mobile platform to display results. Both pieces connect wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.


Getting the Stamp of Approval

From The Irish Times, Ciara O’Brien elaborates on her experience with the device:

“We tried it on a few different meats that we unearthed from the fridge. The Food Sniffer gave the safe stamp of approval to chicken that was well within its use-by date, and gave a warning about some beef that was found lurking at the back that should have been eaten two days before. In that case, the device said it was unsafe, indicating that spoilage had begun, but it was still ok to eat if it was cooked thoroughly. We decided not to risk it.”

Those who are frequent browsers of Indiegogo will notice that the device looks very similar to the PERES campaign. That’s because it’s the same product. The Food Sniffer is the final, refined version. Comparing the two models, it seems that the one available to consumers is sleeker, and the app features have been simplified to accommodate faster scanning.


Purchasing and Ordering Information

The Food Sniffer is available online for $129.99. There is currently a limited offer that includes over $80 worth of bonuses (remote digital meat thermometer, Food Sniffer apron, directional sensing nozzle and free shipping). Color options include white, black, green and violet.

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