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Today’s computers don’t have screens, keyboards or track pads. Thanks to advancements in technology, such machines are now the size of a small flash drive and are directly compatible with everyday monitors.

For all of your portable computing needs, check out the MagicStick. The tiny gadget ensures around-the-clock productivity, connection and entertainment.

Best of all, it fits in your pocket.


Blazing Fast Computing Power

Out of the box, you can use the device like a normal computer or laptop from your television (via HDMI). Considering that most display monitors have HDMI and USB slots, finding a compatible screen should not be an issue.

Below are the technical specifications for the MagicStick:

  • Emmc 5.1 based storage, and LPDDR3 RAM up to 8 GB
  • 1 with over 10 Gbps data transfer speeds
  • 1 Gbps Wi-Fi speed supporting Beam Forming technologies
  • Wi-Fi display (Airplay and Miracast) supported
  • IOT enabled
  • Range of ports and connections including the latest C-type connector
  • Windows 10 and Android pre-loaded (compatible with Linux)
  • Runs on 5 Watts of power

To activate the computer, simply plug it into the port behind the monitor. Connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse would allow you to chat with friends online and surf the web.

Seamless Mobile Features

Connecting to the mini computer through your smartphone opens up numerous smart remote features. Using the app, it’s possible to toggle through the different modes in the device. A few taps is all it takes to initiate wireless transfers from your phone to the stick.

The small machine comes with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop. By loading master apps that work with other smart devices around the house, you can create the ultimate IoT environment.


Travel Anywhere and Stream Movies in HD 

Travelers who don’t feel comfortable lugging around a laptop while on the move may find the portable computer extremely convenient. From the hotel room, individuals are able to monitor their itinerary, check on email messages and update social media accounts without relying on a public computer.

For movie buffs, the machine lets you stream 4K ultra HD videos effortlessly. The superior stick is also a great alternative to casting dongles.

“This means outstanding results and demonically fast downloads whether you’re playing games or streaming movies. We are proud of its green credentials too, as it saves energy which reduces carbon emissions,” said Niraj Kumar, cofounder of MagicStick.

Useful for Presentations and Photo Slideshows

When it comes to work, the device is an ideal replacement for bulky projectors. During meetings or presentations, you could turn any screen into a remote projector. Alternatively, there is also the option to attach the unit to an actual projector (as long as the necessary slots or ports are available), if there isn’t a screen around.



The company is currently in the process of launching an Indiegogo campaign. Early adopters interested in the device should sign up for pre-order notifications on the official website. Special deals during the event includes a 50 percent discount against the retail price of $159 for the MagicStick One, and $249 for the MagicStick Wave.

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