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Meet Marilyn Einstein, the subject of a hybrid image series created by MIT researcher Aude Oliva back in 2007.

Marilyn Einstein is the result of overlapping a blurry photo of Hollywood bombshell Marilyn Monroe with a picture of Albert Einstein drawn in with fine lines. The result is an optical illusion which can determine whether or not you need a trip to the optometrist.

If you view the image from a distance of about a foot away and see Marilyn Monroe, then you need glasses. If you see Einsten, you’re fine.

How does it work? When you view “Marilyn Einstein” up close, your eye is trained to catch fine details such as wrinkles. But the further away the image is, or if you have poor vision in the first place, those details get lost, leaving you with the blurry but more general features such as lips or face shape. Voila, Marlyn Monroe appears!

You can view more optical illusions from Dr. Aude Oliva and her team below.

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